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Plastics bobbins, spool & tube use in all type of threads packing & textiles machine. textiles bobbins, spool & tube is very useful for yarn, threads & tekstil manufacturing.

All yarn & threads is very safe after using plastics bobbins, spool & tube.

Products :
  • Plastics bobbins, spool & tube, Dyed yarn tube
  • Metallic yarn bobbin, Rope bobbin
  • Embroidery bobbin,Dori bobbin, Kite bobbin
  • TFO machine bobbin, Elastic bobbin
  • Knitting machine bobbin, Slitting machine bobbin
  • D.T. machine bobbin, Twill tape bobbin
  • Wire bobbin, power loom bobbin
  • Zari bobbin,Rael Gold Silver threads bobbin
  • Kasab bobbin, Air jet & Water jet machine parts


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